Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Vanity Fair Quilt

Yesterday I finally finished writing the pattern for my Vanity Fair  quilt and posted both the pattern and the finished quilt to Clare at Quilters Companion Magazine. Late 2009 Clare asked me if I would like to design and make a quilt for the magazine like I did previously with Fairhaven. She gave me the choice of 4 or 5 fabric ranges and Vanity Fair won my heart. I designed the quilt, inspired by one of the 2 antique quilts which Nancy Gere owns, and from which she designed the fabric range. Unfortunately along the way I developed tennis elbow, (from too much rotary cutting!) which lead to a modified design and me taking much longer to finish the quilt. I hope you like it. Unfrotunately the photo really doesn't show off the fabrics or the detail of the quilt very well. I bought up big on the range once it arrived in our shops and hope to one day have enough fabric to make my original design.    
The pattern will be available in Quilters Compnion Magazine in either the September or November edition.           


  1. Having seen it personally, it is a lovely quilt.

  2. BEautiful quilt Michele. Love the design I will have to track down the magazine when it becomes available here in the USA