Friday, April 22, 2011

Louisa - Corrupting the innocent!

Yesterday, Kirstie ran out of Harry Potter books to read and will have to wait until we return home to start book 5. The boys were out fishing and it was just Kirstie and me home so she decided to venture into Louisa and hopefully a love of patchwork that will continue for years to come.
I cut out the background squares for her as I don’t have a full sized rotary cutting mat and I didn’t want either of us to carve up someone else’s dining room table.

Kirstie traced the design onto the background fabric after a lesson in centring the design on the fabric and use of the light box.

Then the moment of truth! I had to remember how to do stem stitch after many years of not doing it. Kirstie set out and Googled it and came across a YouTube video....of course, when unsure, Google it! Do we knot the thread to begin with or not?? We did! I must say when Kirstie starts something she is very determined to master it and finish it.  Mid afternoon, block 1 of Louisa was finished.

Before she went off to bed block 2 was also finished and blocks 3 & 4 are traced onto the fabric and ready to go.

When the boys walked into the house after fishing a collective groan went up. Oh no! She’s just like her mother!
 As I write this Kirstie is sitting opposite me stitching away while her older sister is asleep on the couch having just returned from a school language trip to Malaysia. One corrupted and one to go......maybe??? I'm not sure Alyssa will be as easy to convince...or corrupt!

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